Monday, February 13, 2017

Concept: The BlackBerry Transparent Phone Edition

BlackBerry Transparent Phone Edition

Although BlackBerry has pretty much given up on smartphones, but can see some interesting designs from BB’s partners. Such as, the BlackBerry concept below, envisioned by Faruk Kaya.

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Made with Autodesk Maya, the concept phone is very slim and also very rounded. There is rounded phones, but this is certainly more curvaceous than that. It’s got a very interesting placement of the buttons, with one at the top and two on the sides. In that small thingie at the bottom can be guessing a port, but you never know these days, with devices going all wireless and stuff.

The designer doesn’t quite detail this BlackBerry concept phone, but ,think to we’re dealing with a metallic device, with a transparent case element and a pretty compact body. It’s got a virtual Assistant at is core and at least one speaker at the bottom. Sadly we have no view of the device’s back, but can be guessing there’s a pretty flat camera at the back, so she won’t spoil the format of the device. Not exactly the typical BlackBerry, but then again BB is far from typical these days.

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