Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sit & Stand: Concepts Of A Brilliant Device That Fully Reinvents Crutches

Sit & Stand

Modern crutches are still below a century recent, and dozens of designers have taken a stab at up them. however whereas most tries area unit variations on a well-recognized theme, one entry to James Dyson Foundation's annual Dyson Award proposes an answer that improves on even the most effective recent alternatives.

Behzad Rashidi could be a 27-year-old Ontario-based industrial designer whose student project, Sit & Stand, is being featured by Dyson in concert of the standout entries. The device is fairly simple: instead of a crutch that depends in your higher body to support the load of your leg, Rashidi designed a tool that merely hangs the load of your calf on your quad muscles, because of a network that spreads the load over the whole backside of your thigh. meaning you are able to take a seat whereas carrying it—an valuable feature throughout an extended recovery.


"It all started as a class project," explains Rashidi in his brief. "The challenge was to design a crutch which performs better than traditional forearm and underarm crutches for young adults with temporary leg injuries."

He designed the prototype and then submitted it to the Dyson Award, which asks industrial designers and engineers to do something very simple: Design something that solves a problem. Last year, the winner was an upper-body exoskeleton designed to improve the functional capacity of the wearer. This year, it seems many of the entries are similarly suited to improving the abilities of humans using clever engineering.

Other recent crutch styles, like iWalk, have taken the same tack to design—but most of them pull the scraped leg up at the knee that means that the user cannot sit down whereas carrying it, and golf stroke spare pressure on the knee.


Rashidi's plan created a vital tweak: Pull the knee up before of the user employing a broad, cushiony piece of plastic, that self-adjusts because of an easy hinge system. That support additionally acts as a seat: once the user slouches back, the hinge adjusts to support their weight. the worth of a functioning seat, for somebody sick from a severe injury, is obvious.


 Right now, there isn't any thanks to tell if Rashidi or one among the other—very plentiful—smart entries can secure a number of the $150,000 in funding that Dyson can award to the winners. We'll apprehend a lot of on Sep eighteenth, once the national winners and therefore the finalists for the general competition are going to be declared. Until then, what does one think? is that this the crutch different that will have created your life 1,000 times easier that point you twisted your ankle?
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