Friday, August 19, 2016

Smartphones: Google's New Video Chatting App (Google Duo) Currently #1 in Top Free Chart, Accessible Globally

Google Duo

Just 2 days once it initial began to roll out, Google's duo has already become the number one free app within the Play Store. The video chatting app, that received an icon redesign simply before it went live, has proved  to be very popular with android users. additionally, it's currently attainable to use duo in any country (well, any country that Google provides its services to).

Top Free Chart

In the Play Store's "Top Free in android Apps" chart, duo presently sits within the top spot, ahead of alternative free apps like Facebook messenger, Pokémon Go (is that also a thing?), Facebook (for God's sake, fix your android app), Snapchat (code it properly, dammit), YouTube Music, and Instagram. It's entirely attainable that this is often simply a brief surge, however it's nice to check that folks are demonstrating interest without delay.

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Video Chatting App (Google Duo)

Although folks in countries other than the US and Canada were originally unable to verify their phone numbers through SMS, that is been fixed. Support for a lot of countries bit by bit extended over the past 2 days, however the worldwide rollout has just finished. Now, anyone with an android device running 4.1+ will get pleasure from Google's new video chatting app, in spite of their location.

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