Friday, July 22, 2016

Italian Company: Unveils Concept for Futuristic Floating Home With Underwater Observation Deck

If the Italian business enterprise Jet capsule has its manner, owners of the destiny could be entering into UFOs— not the sort that fly thru space. As said by way of popular technology, Jet capsule's "Unidentified Floating items" are designed for existence on the sea's surface.

The currently unveiled housing concept includes a 40-foot, saucer-like platform with a round cabin at its middle. The higher half of the bubble serves as the kitchen, residing room, and eating room, and the lower half of incorporates a bed room and bathroom with a wrap-round window presenting views of the underwater scenery.

To electricity the home, generators attached to the alien craft could harvest wind and water strength even as sun panels would accumulate energy from the sun. And if residents ever felt like shifting, an electrically charged, hydrojet engine should take them to their next destination.

The human beings at Jet capsule aren't any strangers to designing futuristic inventions for the ocean. Their Jet Reptile, Jet Taxi, and signature Jet capsule aquatic cars could all appearance proper at home in a James Bond film.

 And as growing sea tiers threaten to erase coastal towns, now's an opportune time to break into the floating housing market.

The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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