Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hiren's Boot CD

Hiren's Boot CD puts all the diagnostic, repair, and recovery tools you need on one convenient bootable disc.

Hiren's Boot CD bypasses the operating system of a computer and loads antivirus, hard drive scanning, partition management, system diagnostics, and many other repair software, all working straight from the disc. Even if your OS isn't booting or functioning correctly, Hiren's Boot CD will be able to perform all of its operations, as it works independently of the OS.

What is Hiren’s Boot CD? It’s basically a bootable CD/USB with a plethora of tools that are freeware/shareware. Hiren’s Boot CD has a Bootable Windows Mini XP, which boots into your RAM and presents a GUI to launch all the tools, such as:

  •     Anti Virus
  •     Windows Password Recovery (Clear the Windows password!)
  •     Disk Cloning Tools (Inc Clonezilla, Ghost etc)
  •     Hard Drive Deletion/Hard Drive Health Checks
  •     System Tweaking Tools

The disc also comes with many backup tools, including hard drive cloning and imaging software, and also has the ability to completely and securely wipe a hard drive.

On top of all of these utilities, Hiren's Boot CD comes with a stripped-down live installation of Windows XP known as Mini Windows XP that runs completely off memory without needing to be installed on the hard drive. Mini Windows XP has network adapter support, and includes USB 3.0, SCSI, RAID, and many other device drivers that were not included with the original Windows XP.

There’s really a whole bunch of useful tools on here. If you’ve never never heard of it, I seriously recommend checking it out. I actually carry the USB around with me because it’s so useful. When you create the CD/USB there is a readme file with all the software included. Check out Hiren’s Official Page.

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