Friday, March 11, 2016

Microsoft Working on a New App That Will Make Your Life Easier

Microsoft has a new app in the pipeline, Phone sign-in beta, which can unlock your Windows 10 PC from your phone with a single tap via Bluetooth, reported The Verge. The Windows-maker explained on its official page how the app is a revamped version of Authenticator. The application is still in the testing phase, and its current version is not completely stable.

Authenticator was launched in 2013 to add a second layer of security to accounts, and is similar to Google Authenticator. However, it seems like Microsoft wants the app to do more than just authenticating sign-in. The app will make the life of every user significantly convenient.

The publication points out new ways to access the device securely, like Windows Hello, which makes you go password-free and sign-in through finger-print scan, face or iris recognition. Microsoft wants its users to sign-in to their devices effortlessly, which justifies all the ongoing experimentation.

The app’s description highlights that it will be integrated with more features before the final version is released. There will be solutions for other services as well, like a sign-in solution for browsers. If the company successfully integrates this secure way of signing-in to PCs, it can evidently have a competitive advantage over rivals such as Apple Inc. Users will have an added reason to prefer Microsoft devices over others.

Since the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has improved it constantly. The company aims to build up a complete ecosystem, where all devices and apps share data seamlessly, and eventually enhance productivity for users. The ecosystem will also help Microsoft’s vision for the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

Microsoft’s new ‘Phone sign-in Beta’ app is only available on Windows 10 Mobile, and the company has not confirmed if it will be releasing it on other platforms. If the Windows-maker restricts the app to its own platform, it may attract more users, and take advantage of the ecosystem the company wants to build up.

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