Monday, February 22, 2016

Google+ Is No Longer Required To Access Google Play Games

Google Play Games no longer requires the login anymore, announced by Google team in Mountain View. This transmission will continue over the next couple of weeks while titles are integrated with Google’s gaming hub

Gamers can simply get their Gamer Tag by visiting the Google Play Games application and they can select from over 40 different, colorful, and creative avatars to represent their gamer profile.

They will have control over their accounts as in they can decide if they want to keep their profile on public or on private. You can search for your fellow gaming friends by simply searching their email address to make it easier for gamers. Contacts will be decoupled from the gamer’s Google+ account.

Instead of using Google+, gamers will use a different sign-in method through credentials to access their account and personal (public) profile.

 Another benefit is that gamers will not have to insert their Google+ credentials for each games, it will be a one-time thing. Those who do not have a Gamer ID yet will be prompted to get one so that they can carry on playing games, whereas pre-existing users will sign in to the new Play-integrated title.

Google has been changing the need for Google+ requirements since last year, firstly starting off with YouTube and now moving on to Google Play Games.
The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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