Monday, February 29, 2016

Facebook Live Video Streaming For Android Users Is Finally Here

Facebook’s famed live video streaming feature is ready to be rolled out on its Android app.

The company plans to introduce the feature in the US initially, before it becomes available worldwide.

Live video streaming was initially provided to celebrities and public figures. Basically anyone who had a profile verified with ‘blue ticks’ had access. However, last month the company rolled it out for all iOS devices.

The feature is easy to use, almost like a Facebook Status update, but in live video. All you need to do is tap the status bar on “Live Video,” and start broadcasting. Just like a status update, you can choose the people you want to share the broadcast with.

When the feature was rolled, analysts remarked Facebook was following the footsteps of Twitter, which offers a similar service, called Periscope. However, evidently, Live Video proved to better, and we believe it is easier to use, and in fact, more interactive.

The feature is certainly going to useful for people trying to add a few points to their publicity graph, which means it has the potential to attract more users to Facebook. The company has expanded vigorously in the last few months, and undoubtedly, the new feature will help it make further gains beneficial.

The company also recently introduced, Canvas, a feature for advertisers that makes ad-viewing much more immersive. It is not only more engaging, but saves time, much like instant articles. Constant enhancement and innovation is why Facebook remains a social media giant. Earmarking consistent growth will make it certain its rivals find it next to impossible to catch up.
The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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