Friday, February 19, 2016

Concept Of E-Shower, The Future Shower

Did you know that taking a bath, we are doing harm to the planet? As thus we spend a lot of water. And do not talk about souls, this option is also not much better. That is why the Dutch startup has created option Hamwells shower, which could to accurately attributed to the eco-variants.

The company introduced a shower e-Shower, which becomes the object of desire.
The biggest difference between the e-Shower and the usual shower – is the ability to recycle water. Unlike conventional shower cubicle e-Shower does not descend the used water down the drain, the water stays inside the shower tray, it is filtered, heated and then flows on the men.

According to CEO, the same drop of water will circulate 7 times, before runs away into the sewer. Only 15 liters of fresh hot water is added to each cycle. The result is a 80% savings gas and electricity, and 90% savings in the amount of water used.

Water from the shower tray passes through a massive filter, which is located right next to a plug socket. From the filter, the water enters the filter with ultraviolet light, which destroys all bacteria and other muck, aquatic, and only then mixed with 1.5 liters of fresh hot water, for restoring its former temperature. As for services, the only thing need to do the user – this time in a year to fill in the diluted vinegar the pipes, to clear and wash the filter from time to time.

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