Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Five Most Anticipated Android Updates for 2016

The Android community has been highlighting a number of features that could improve the OS significantly. Some of the changes are cross-platform integration, Google Now service improvements, Android Wear customizations and significant improvement in the virtual reality region.

For starters, Google Now works as a simple Google Search application that provides users a convenient web search by the use of a long press. However it does not yet classify as a transformative smartphone experience, similar to that of Apple’s Siri which runs operations within the application without opening another application. People should expect a more transformative experience of the application as Google continues to roll out updates.

Last year has safely been the year of virtual reality (VR), as companies rolled out their versions of VR and Augmented Reality (AR) devices. Google has been proactive about this matter in 2014, as it has been working on Android OS that works smoothly with the heavy works of VR. However, with the debut of the Oculus Rift which was acquired by Facebook in the second quarter of fiscal 2015 is a challenge.

The search giant did debut the Google Cardboard which was a cheaper version of the VR kit. A number of applications can also been seen in the Play Store that users can enjoy for free. The company has not remained completely quiet on this matter, as it continues to talk of a number of OEM companies that will make mobile processors capable of handling VR operations.

Android fans have also mentioned that they expect vast improvements in the in the Android Wear department. Compared to Apple Watch, Android wear still covers about 10% of the smartwatch market while the Apple reaches about 50% of the market. Looking at both the devices, Android Wear has more potential in terms of customization along with its neat, and minimalist notification design. However, features of Apple Watch are deeper in apps where users need to ensure that the device is connected to the Internet to run operations.

This implies that the Apple Watch would be able to run basic searches and operations remotely so long as both the devices have access to the Internet. Android which is a more bare-bone device, has more appeal for price conscious buyers. Some changes in the applications, improvements in Google Search and connectivity will surely win the battle for Android if the company continues to roll out more customizations for trendy fans.

The Android community have begun to question the reliability of Pixel C, the first Android laptop. This feature is focused towards the latest flagship release of Google called the Pixel C, which during its release was expected to improve operations significantly. Unfortunately, positive feedback from customers of this device started to fade away as the laptop would hang and slowdown when put to the test of multitasking. The search giant has mentioned that a number of updates are expected for the Pixel C which would greatly improve the ability to multitask and the productivity of the device.

Another aspect in question for the Android Fans is finding one android messaging app that will run all functionality and features to organize messaging or instant messaging. For instance, Apple comprises of iMessage a feature that sends instant messages as soon as it detects connectivity to the Internet and whether the receiver’s number is currently being used by an iPhone.

The Android platform currently lacks a messenger that provides these features while keeping usability simple and smooth. A number of fans and websites have mentioned Google Messenger as an application that would full fill the requirement, however it still lacks the smoothness compared to Apple’s Message app.

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