Monday, December 21, 2015

Sony Working to Enhance Smartphones’ Battery Life

Sony Corp. (ADR) hopes to build new battery chemistry in coming five years to let smartphones last longer, reported Japanese newspaper, Nikkei on Friday. The technology giant has put its focus to improve up to 40% battery efficiency.

The organization is working on magnesium-sulfur and lithium-sulfur batteries to replace the present lithium-ion chemistry. It predicts 40% density gain by volume as well. Laminated smartphone batteries would be its primary target product with commercialization scheduled for 2020.

At present, the issue with lithium-ion chemistry is linked with its energy density that is approaching its theoretical limit. Although phone makers have increased the battery size by featuring jumbo-sized smartphones, and also improved efficiency of other components like display, yet they have failed to improve the battery. This may get worse as the smartphones become more powerful in coming future.

Thus, the solution lies in the development of new battery chemistry. However, this may create complexities outside the lab as alternative chemistries are less stable and fail to maintain a high capacity through recharges required by consumer electronics. Besides technical issues, manufacturing and testing process for new batteries for customer use may be lengthy as well.

The Japanese newspaper also reported that Sony has not yet resolved technical challenges, and lithium-sulfur batteries are susceptible to “heat generation or ignition.” However, Sony’s latest stand is expected to be a significant coming. Moreover, the latest report hints at some real improvements on the way.
The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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