Saturday, November 14, 2015

Concept Of A Ghost Town For Experiments

In the desert of the American state of New Mexico are going to build a futuristic city for 35 thousand people. There will be a business center, suburbs, parks, shops and even a church. But there not will be people. Because there will be held a potentially dangerous and unpredictable experiments.

Ghost Town will cost a large telecommunications company at $ 1 billion  and take 38 square kilometers. For all just to test the new technology. The project is called CITE and stands for Center for Innovation, testing and evaluation.

“This is an environment where new products, services and technologies can be tested without disturbing the course of everyday life, –  explained the managing director-author of the project Pegasus Global holdings Robert Brumley. – You can bring new inventions here, break them, to explore the laws of unintended consequences. Here are people with innovative ideas and technologies should not just experiment and interact. “

In the streets are safe for people will ride unmanned cars, while on the houses can be tested in a large scale, alternative sources of energy.
The project is planned to be completed as early as 2018. In him will be able to experiment all – from government agencies before private inventors.

The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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