Sunday, November 15, 2015

Apple Has Added A USB 3.0 Connector To Its iPad Pro

Apple has put its big guns to use with iPad Pro. A lot of the features of their fancy new tablet have been reviewed over and over again. One thing that was missed by a lot of these reviewers was the fact that Apple has sneaked a USB 3.0 connector into iPad Pro. In Apple timeline that is a huge jump in terms of transfer speed. This was discovered when iFixit started its own thorough look into the device. The transfer speed of a USB 2.0 connector is 10 times faster than that of USB 3.0 connector. USB 2.0 can transfer data at a speed of 480Mbps as compared to the 5Gbps transfer speed of USB 3.0.

Apple has worked on many applications in the past to make data transferring easy for its users. But all of it is barely a blip in comparison to what USB 3.0 can do for data transferring on Apple devices. There are many artists, photographers and researchers who need to transfer 4k files of massive sizes, for them it will be a huge convenience now. USB 3.0 will transfer their data 10 times faster than the speed that they have been experiencing in the past.

However, this fast data transferring comes at a cost. The cables that support this transfer speed have to be bought separately. They are not a part of the accessories that come along with the iPad Pro. Moreover, Apple has not specified as to when these cable will be available for purchase on their stores. Many users have tried using their USB 2.0 cables with these USB 3.0 connectors but there is a compatibility issue because the cables do not contain ample pins.

This addition to the iPad Pro will definitely take the popularity of the tablet a notch or two ahead. A lot of people look for convenience when it comes to tablets and it seems like Apple is striving hard to deliver that!
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