Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Concept Of The world’s First 3D-laser Printer

3D-printer – is the fashionable device that allows you to print at home, from plastic and sometimes metal, the various trinkets. There are also more useful industrial 3D-printers, but all of them used, in principle, the same printing technology.

We have somehow got used to the fact that the 3D-printer: it is a box, inside of which with the help of special plastic layers created new items. And it is this kind of additive technologies.
Until today in the world there were no laser 3D-printer, and now he is, and his name – Glowforge.

Strictly speaking, this is not really the printer, and not really entirely 3D – more akin to the evolution of the laser engraving device, but the term “laser 3D-printer” has a chance to settle down,and that’s why.
Glowforge printer can use a large number of materials, including organic materials: cardboard, leather, chocolate and even dried seaweed used in the preparation of sushi rolls.

By itself, the laser 3D-printer is small in size, but the size of its work area is 50×30 centimeters. It is possible to place a material thickness of 13 to 38 mm, the laser power – 40 watts (45 in model Pro).

The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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