Monday, October 19, 2015

Concept Of The Most Comfortable Keyboard That Also Functions As A Mouse

Five years ago, every self-respecting gadget lover could not imagine life without the reliable phone, mp3-player and even a budget digital camera. Today, these three devices to easily coexist in a single smartphone. Devices “teach”  combine several functions. And all in order to make your life more comfortable. The same principle is established and in the most comfortable keyboard.

KeyMouse – a device that combines a keyboard and a computer mouse. Instead of the usual plane of the buttons and not always convenient touch pad, American designers offer just two ergonomically shaped panels: one for the right hand and one for the left. QWERTY-keyboard was divided in half and each panel has got his own half.

What is most interesting, both sides KeyMouse – it is also a laser mouse. The user can choose which hand is more convenient “click” reposition the cursor or perform another action at this time. And it does not need to remove the hand from the keyboard. What should appreciate gamers.

In order not to make the device too bulky,developers abandoned the  some  usual keys, including numbers and arrows. However, the user can always access to them. For example, pressing the Number Shift convert some of the letters in the right pane KeyMouse in numbers and Arrow Shift – the above-mentioned direction.

Creators KeyMouse are counting on the success of their products not only among the fans of computer games, but also among programmers, graphic designers and ordinary users who like really comfortable device. It is so comfortable to sit in a chair with a conventional keyboard and mouse in the bargain.

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