Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Concept Of The Artificial Floating Island

Conceptual invention rarely put into practice, but at the same time serve as a kind of engine engineering. Sometimes, however, such work goes beyond all conceivable limits. That’s what happened with the project to create the personal floating island.

Most recently Migaloo Private Submarine took up incarnation of an ambitious project called Kokomo Ailand. While this only the conceptual development, however, the current level of technology allow will fully implement all plans, say the engineers. It is about creating an artificial floating island with a penthouse.
Kokomo Ailand resembles an oil platform.

The layout of many architectural elements of the project is the same as that of the offshore platform to the tower. But in fact, the “island” – a giant steam or even a kind of boat. Although complex and is mounted on four pillars, they are not at the bottom, but on special barges. Thanks to them, Kokomo Ailand can not just stand on the water, and swim. Creators of the project argue that the island will be able to develop a speed of 8 knots.

On the itself platform has everything you need for a comfortable and luxurious life. Kokomo Ailand ideal for those who want to acquire their own “paradise” on earth with a helipad, green area, with restaurant, gym and many, many others. Thus,penthouse is located at an altitude of 80 meters above the water.

This “luxury holiday” certainly will cost a round sum. In company Among Migaloo Private Submarine declared their readiness to proceed with the creation of the first floating island, as soon as will the first customer. However, the cost of Kokomo Ailand is that even thoughtful sheikh from UAE. The company also promised that the floating platform will be able docked yachts of different class.

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