Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Where Does Arkham Knight Rank Up In The Arkham Trilogy?

 Batman Arkham Games managed to defy the stereotype of movie based games. It captured the essence of Batman and its characters, giving us what would be remembered as one of the best trilogies in gaming.

Developed by Rocksteady, the Arkham franchise received favorable reviews from almost all reviewers. The first two parts were awarded with multiple Game of the Year awards. The third one is a strong contender for Game of the Year this year. However, many people feel Arkham Knight was inferior when compared to the first two installments.

Batman Arkham Knight was without a doubt the best looking game in the series' history. It made good use of the power of Xbox One and PS4, and delivered one of the best visual experiences. The gameplay element was similar to the previous games, however, several new gadgets and tricks were added in the third installment.

The biggest and most anticipated addition was obviously the Batmobile. The lack of Batmobile in the first two games annoyed hardcore Batman fans, especially since the vehicle plays such an important role in Batman comics and movies. The main reason why the Batmobile wasn’t added in the first two games was due to the low power of PS3 and Xbox 360.

The addition of Batmobile in Arkham Knight was one of the most prominent things in the marketing of the game. However, its reception was highly mixed upon release. Many people felt the the Batmobile was forced upon players. Fans also felt that the controls for Batman’s vehicle were way too complicated. However, it is hard to find a line where consumers would have been satisfied with the addition of Batmobile.

Had Rocksteady not used it on so many occasions, fans would have complained about the lack of Batmobile in the game, and the complex controls were simply due to the large number of options the Batmobile provides to attack enemies.

Arkham Knight’s ending did pure justice to what has been an amazing trilogy. The story may have been a bit generic, but that’s acceptable for a game based on comic books. Nonetheless, the story did enough to end the series on a high note. The challenging aspect of the game is awesome, as it would take fans a lot of time to fully complete the game.

Furthermore, Rocksteady keeps providing incentive to players to dig deep and complete side quests and riddles. For the first time ever, the game gave players the option of dual attacks, where two characters could work together to take down a bunch of enemies. While underutilized, it was a great addition to the final game.

Batman Arkham Knight was a great game and will definitely be remembered for a long time. Whether it was better than the first two games is a matter of opinion. All in all, Arkham Knight gave the Batman Arkham series the ending it deserved.
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