Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sony PlayStation 4 Update 3.00 “Kenshin” In Screenshots

Sony Corporation Japan earlier today revealed some of the few new exciting features and layouts that it will be bringing in with the PS4 update 3.00 codenamed “Kenshin”. Sony Japan’s official website showcased a few screenshots that indicated towards a new event menu along with a community menu and several other new radical features.

Several beta testers who have downloaded the upcoming PS4 3.00 beta have responded negatively stating that Sony should now come up with a new UI and background layout. From the beginning of PS2 Sony introduced a blue background layout and has continued it throughout the PS3 and the PS4, however now the audience wants a change in the color.

The new layout Sony has presented in the 3.00 beta has been unable to please a number of PlayStation fans, who are now demanding that the company make a few tweaks to the layout changing the blue background to some other color.

Apart from the new layout, PS4 update 3.00 will also have a new feature that many fans might enjoy making use of. Users will now be able to broadcast their in-game video clips on channels such as YouTube Live, Twitch and UStream. Not only this, gamers will also be able to upload their recorded 10 second in-game video clips onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Dailymotion directly through their PS4 consoles.

The PS4 upcoming update Kenshin will also allow users to stream exclusive Sony events through the event menu, as well as share them to any of their friends using a PS4. Furthermore a community menu will also be introduced with the 3.00 update allowing gamers to create or find a community that has gamers with a similar interest. With the community menu, gamers will also be able to comment and communicate directly with other members in the list. Start a discussion or share a “message of the day” with the community members options was also spotted in the earlier revealed screenshots by Sony Japan.

Today’s screenshot also revealed that 3.00 will also be bringing in the Now Playing menu which will allow users to quickly join a party, request a screen share along with offering quick access to the PlayStation Store to purchase a game that their friend is playing.

Furthermore the upcoming update is also said to benefit PS4 PlayStation Plus members as once updated, they will be offered an increase in PS4’s cloud storage capacity from 1GB to 10GB. Other new features included in the 3.00 update are;

1. Screenshot - Users will now be able to save screenshots in a PNG format as well.

2. Stickers - Users will be able to send stickers instead of messages to their friends to convey a quick message.

3. Favorite Group - Users will now be able to add a new or existing favorite group through the friends app, allowing them quicker access to the group of people they like to play games with frequently.

Today’s screenshot revealed by Sony Japan have only pointed out the above mentioned features in the upcoming update 3.00, however more new features are said to be introduced at the Paris Games Week where Sony will be holding a press conference about its upcoming gaming titles whilst revealing several new gadgets and devices.

Paris Games Week will be held in France starting October 27 2015, Sony’s conference is said to begin at 9 AM PST and 5 PM UK Time. The Japanese tech giant is also expected to make an announcement regarding the progress of its upcoming VR headset called Project Morpheus as well as announcing the launch date of the upcoming PS4 update 3.00.

Surprisingly Microsoft will not be holding any conference during the Paris Games Week 2015 as the tech giant had previously announced its upcoming game list and Xbox One and Xbox 360 features at the Gamescom 2015 held in Germany Berlin in August.
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