Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Microsoft Corporation Introduces New Tools For Building Office Add Ins

Microsoft has announced that it is set to introduce a new set of tools that would assist users in making top-notch add-ins for Office apps. This should help the company’s cause of enhancing the ecosystem of third-party apps. The company claims that it has been tailored in a way that would help create new add-ons, regardless of the expertise of the user in the field.

The Fabric UI, introduced as a new Office GitHub open source, offers CSS styles that would assist users design their add-ins in accordance to the rest of the Office; a number of elements, such as typography, font, color, etc., can be taken into account. Thanks to these add-ins, users can incorporate third-party services in their Office apps. This should pave way for third-party software as they can expose themselves to bigger markets via MS Office.

Office UI Fabric has been initiated in a way that helps it function across all platforms where Office add-ins are supported. This includes PCs, browsers, MACs, and iPads. Microsoft has confirmed that the new Office UI Fabric would function with SharePoint add-ins, and webpages that result from the App Launcher; however, the company was quick to point out that it is not operational yet, and that a team is working to make it possible in the coming times.

Add-ins could be pivotal for the Microsoft as it looks to differentiate its Office line from the rest of the offerings in the industry. This inevitably means that Office would be able to perform an array of tasks that it couldn’t have in the past; hence, better service, and more features for users.

Office UI Fabric is now up and running, and the company, set to launch the beta version of Office 2016 later this month, is currently encouraging users to try it out on GitHub’s website.
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The Tech Zone

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