Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LinkedIn Corp Rolling Out New Look For Its Messaging Service

LinkedIn announced on Tuesday in its blog post that it has done a make-over to its messaging service on its platform. The classic inbox style messaging service now looks more personalized and has a chat like overall look.

The new features in its messaging service will now be compatible with documents, pictures, GIFs and stickers along with a number of popular features top messaging services contain. Not only that, but the service will also integrate a conversational style to its inbox which is found in popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

The new update has started to roll out for English-language desktop users, while the app would be receiving the update in the near future. According to the report by Reuters, LinkedIn’s English version would be receiving the update first and the other languages would follow in the coming weeks.

Alongside this revamped feature, LinkedIn also stated in its blog that it plans on enabling a voice over IP (VoIP) feature on its messaging service so users can start using the platform more. The company’s blogpost also outlined that the new messaging service would also make push email and notifications easier by keeping important emails and messages on top of the list for the user.

The messaging service caters to one-on-one conversation along with group conversations, making it easier for peers to communicate amongst each other. The blog post also outlined that user can now view their blocked, sent and pending notifications from the “people you know” section.

Users can also request for an introduction from a mutual connection, where the requested users would be able to send a generic message about them. Alongside that, users initially had to edit the entire message to pick out the relevant part when forwarding a message; the update would allow the user to send a specific message from the thread, saving time.

Similar to Google Gmail and Inbox messaging service, LinkedIn messaging service would also have the ability to archive and view deleted messages. This aids users in saving specific messages improving the overall user experience. The entire list of new features can be read from LinkedIn’s help page which also provides the user with FAQs about the new features that have rolled out.

Previously, LinkedIn was known to be a more professional networking platform that kept a traditional approach towards communication and profiling. Most company human resource departments look at a connection and get more information about a candidate through their LinkedIn profile. The platform has been so famous that even Google’s Chrome Browser had a feature called Rapportive that looked up the user’s name right from the email.

So on the whole the feature would make LinkedIn more user-friendly and convenient as messaging platforms become more compatible with such features. The platform would remain professional as there haven’t been many changes towards the user profile but instead focused on connections and how users introduce themselves to other connections. However, it is still unlikely for LinkedIn to roll out an independent messaging app as this move should improve the popularity of the LinkedIn app on Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Corporation’s Windows apps.
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