Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Intel Corporation Unveiling New Skylake Processor At IFA 2015

Intel Corporation recently announced a new series of its processors known as the Skylake that would be displayed at the IFA 2015 in Berlin. The new processor is said to revolutionize laptops by making them sleeker, slimmer and longer lasting in terms of operations.

According to Intel, Skylake is said to give devices better battery life, faster boot time and makes it more user friendly. Mr. Kirk Skagen, Intel’s general manager commented on Engadget saying that Intel will be making its way towards smaller devices like cell phones and phablets. Thus, the Intel Core processors are said to provide higher performance from what is currently available in the market.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Intel processors are more popular in computer setups as compared to its competitor, Advanced Micro Devices; though the latter has been pushing for sales in the computer sector recently. The source also suggests that Intel’s move towards mobile devices might be substantiated by the fact that users have started to shift towards mobile devices rather than laptops and PCs.

The shift towards mobiles can be seen as Microsoft Corporation released its Windows 10 for desktops and mobile devices, alongside the release of office 360 that gives users more power. Office 360 helps mobile users edit and work on documents the same way they would on a normal desktop system, thus aiding them in making reports, presentations and working on charts on the go.

The company also claims that the sixth generation Intel Core processor series is expected to work two and half times better than a Core i5 system. Online source, Pocket-lint claimed that this may provide a big jump in gaming and higher system load operations.

Furthermore, these new processors will be released in three mobile versions; Intel Core M3, Core M5 and Core M7. The company also claims that these processors are expected to double the system performance compared to that of Apple's iPad Air. The company would also be integrating Speed Shift technology which improves the responsiveness of the mobile system. On the desktop, Intel’s sixth generation chips are said to improve graphic processing of media playback and 4K creations. However, the company’s claim about the battery is yet to be clarified.

These processors also have Intel’s RealSense Camera incorporated in the chip. The feature allows users to pick up depth-sensing metrics that can be captured into 3D selfies and even scan objects. The feature goes as far as sending out 3D printable formats and make edits to the background during a video conference. Intel forecasts delivery of 48 processors pertaining to its 6th generation, which would feature an Intel Pro graphics and Intel Iris.

The new line of processors is likely to be integrated in other devices branded by Skylake and gain more popularity than the previous “Broadwell” devices. The devices that follow under the previous category include Alienware devices, Asus, Acer, Dell and Lenovo. Apple is also likely to release its line of products to compete against Intel’s Skylake series.
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