Saturday, September 12, 2015

Innovative Wristify Bracelet.

Wearable technology and built-in sensors collect information about users to create an environment, customized for the current needs of man. With this personalized settings you can control light, temperature, music to create an environment that is constantly adapting to the mood or genus of human activity.

Wristify – is a thermoelectric bracelet,that sends pulses of hot or cold waves in the wrist support to help them maintain a comfortable body temperature. He has the ability to regulate the temperature of its owner, rather than changing the entire space.

 Wristify emits soft blue light when cooling you and warm orange light when heating you up. Simply press the button to turn it on, it will instantly send soothing waves of heating or cooling to wrist, thus, leading to body-wide sensation.

Also use for the individual, the goal of this working prototype – to significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings by cooling the individuals, rather than the entire building.
The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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