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How To Increase The Life Of Your Laptop Battery

 Reducing battery charge of a laptop is quite obvious problem every laptop user has to face. Increasing your laptop battery backup really gives you work freedom irrespective of the place you are using the laptop. The battery backup can be increased by avoiding some nonstandard habits.
In fact,  you can configure your laptop for use at library, on a plane, at work and so on. Various profiles will provide a unique set of energy saving settings for each scenario.
You can extend your overall battery life if you apply some of the following :

    Stop cooling functionality

Cooling functionality of your laptop
is another problem if you are overworking by making use of a laptop cooling pad. Apparently, it would be better to avoid dusty surfaces or propping your notebook up against a soft surface such as a blanket or pillow. This will largely affect your cooling functionality to work harder. Use a nice pad while using your laptop and make an habit of keep using it whenever it is necessary.

    Disable unused ports.

Another nice habit one should have, to increasing battery life is to disable unused ports. The unused ports includes but not limited to USB, VGA, SmartCard and PCMCIA ports. If you are a windows user you can make use of Windows Device Manager, found in the Control Panel.

    Run a defragmentation on your hard disk drive.

Running a defrag on your hard disk drive will greatly help you to reduce the work load of your hard drive and quite obviously you would not have to work harder the more fragmented it becomes. This measure can save your battery life by running out easily.

    Hardware profiles

In addition, you can configure hardware profiles by using your notebook software that comes in bundle with Windows. Since the advent of Windows XP, Microsoft has removed the Hardware Profiles feature from their operating system. If your notebook software doesn’t provide this feature, simply set your screen saver to display a blank screen as an alternative.

   Avoid the usage of CD-ROM / DVD drive.

It seems quite obvious. But the truth is that, CD-ROM/ DVD drives require more charge compared to USB devices. So it will eat up your battery charge . One way to decrease battery discharge is to go for CD/ DVD only when it is necessary. Make an habit of storing it in your hard disk and not in an external device. As an alternative, you can make use of a virtual optical drives by using software such as Alcohol 120%.

   Disable wireless card/ Bluetooth adapter.

Even if you don’t use external device but prefer to use your Bluetooth adapter, but has an habit of enabling Bluetooth adapter and wireless cards, know that it is another charge eating habit. Don’t forget to disable wireless card and Bluetooth button. Most notebooks will include a shortcut on the chassis to apply this function. This can tremendously reduce battery consumption.

    Decrease Display Brightness

Display brightness is one of the important thing you must concentrate on, if you really give importance for your laptop battery backup, Decreasing your laptop display brightness will enhance your battery backup by 30-60% sometimes.

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