Thursday, September 3, 2015

Acer Revo Build: Everything You Need To Know About The New Modular PC

Acer has added a whole new dimension to building PCs after the company unveiled its new Revo Build M1-601 at IFA 2015 earlier today. Following the launch, users should be able to craft their own PCs by stacking components; one on top of another. Initially, the PC starts off as a 4.92-inch square block, standing 2.2 inches tall.

Acer has named these add-ons “Blocks,” each of which adds immense power to the mini PC. The PC relies heavily on the main block, which incorporates an Intel Celeron, or a Pentium processor. In addition to this, there is 8GB worth of RAM, three USB 3.0 ports, a microSD card slot, HDMI port, and a Display Port. Revo Build also offers room for exchangeable blocks, encompassing elements such as storage, connectivity, and graphics; the best part, it has a minimal effect on the size of the PC.

At the foot of the PC is the graphics block, on top of which lies the main block, with the Acer logo embossed on it. On top of the main block lies what the company refers to as the “voice block,” designed to facilitate the audio; the block includes a volume knob, and a headphone amp. The voice block is followed by the power block, and the storage block.

The CPU is shipping out with only 32GB of storage space, although it could be expanded to 500GB or 1TB by simply adding a block. Similarly, users can add a battery block on top, which could also be used to charge smartphones. Acer is yet to give away details of the graphic card that would be incorporated in the PC, although it has confirmed that AMD will be providing the silicon.

The design for Revo Build has changed drastically from the Revo One; while the latter was available in glossy white, and black, with round edges, the new Revo takes features square-shaped blocks. Color scheme has been changed to black, with a hint of Orange, and the device exhibits a matte black finish.

Delightfully so, Revo Build requires no wires or cables whatsoever; each time a block is added on top of another, it gets recognized automatically and gets operational as a part of the PC. The clips help the block stick together, with pins added to help connect them. Portability is not an issue, and users should be able to easily fit it in a bag. While adding blocks is certain a facility, the company suggests users have no more than five blocks at a time.

Windows 10, just as you would expect, would be up and running once the system gets rolled out. While Acer did not provide the pricing plan of Revo Build, it is likely to be available for well under $300. Revo Build offers immense flexibility for segments that wish to have their PCs tailored precisely to their needs. With that said, users may occasionally find themselves confined in terms of choice.

Acer has confirmed that Revo Build is set to land across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East this October. The PC would then be introduced in China in December, although there is no defined timeline for launch in the United States.
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