Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Samsung Gear S2 Is A Beautiful Round Apple Watch

Samsung Gear S2 borrows features from the Apple Watch and might actually beat Apple at its own game with a beautiful round design

Samsung Gear S2
Last night’s Samsung Electronics Unpacked was not just about the new Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge plus but the Korean manufacturer teased a new smartwatch. The new Gear S2 made its debut last night during the event but nothing other than a video was revealed.

Samsung has designated the IFA event, to be held in Berlin on 3rd September this
year for the proper unveiling of the Gear S2. However the video that the company
revealed showcased a beautiful round smartwatch, which has an uncanny resemblance from the Apple Watch.

The design of the upcoming Gear S2 would be a metal/steel from the video peek. The Apple Watch has a square face and fans hoping for a round watch face might have been disappointed. However in Samsung they might find solace that a better spec’d smartwatch with a round face is coming.

Samsung has borrowed a lot of pages for the new Gear S2 from the Apple Watch, there is no denying in that, but with the new smartwatch we believe that Samsung might improve areas where Apple has lacked with the Apple Watch.

The video showcases similar icons that users have come across in the Apple Watch. The UI is different and is therefore not Android Wear. We believe it might be an improved version of Samsung’s own Tizen OS.

The different watch faces that change in the video also take on from the Apple Watch, although are a polished version. The Gear S2 carries a heart rate sensor and we think Samsung might utilize the same feature present in the Apple Watch, which is sharing your heartbeat with your friends.

Another thing to notice was the cycling through app animation which indicates that the Gear S2 might have a similar Digital Crown like mechanism popular with the Apple Watch. However Samsung might dispel that notion and might actually have a rotating bezel in it the Gear S2 as the rumors claim.

The alleged rotating bezel will function the same way as the digital crown such as zooming in and out and controlling specific functions of the watch. Other specifications include an Exynos 3472 chip, a 360 x 360 display resolution, 4GB of storage, 768MB of RAM and a 250mAh battery.

IFA at Berlin might provide more insight into the Samsung Gear S2 and whether it will be a better than the Apple Watch or turn out to be a round replica of the Apple Watch. This is the first smartwatch that Samsung has unveiled after the Apple Watch and is a complete departure from the original Gear S. This might hint again as to the Korean giant’s strategy to mimic Apple in the smartwatch front. And if that happens to be the case then we can expect the Berlin event to even reveal a Gear S2 gold edition from Samsung outrageously priced, just like the Apple Watch.

Shifting from a pure technology viewpoint to pitching the smartwatch as a luxury item is what Apple did and Samsung plans to follow suit with the new media shots that the company has released surrounding the Gear S2. The complete lookbook from Samsung can be accessed from here.
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