Friday, August 21, 2015

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII On iOS Arrives To Challenge Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter

Final Fantasy VII for iOS is now available to download from the App Store for a price of $9.72

 Square Enix, developers behind the successful Final Fantasy video game series have now finally rolled out Final Fantasy VII for iOS. These include iPhone 5s and models above, the iPad 3 or an iPad mini 2 and above.
Final Fantasy VII’s iOS edition has a price tag of $9.72, but it’s worth it as this is considered to be the first ever Final Fantasy game to be made available for mobile devices. Previously Final Fantasy titles were only available to play on Sony PlayStation consoles and Microsoft PC, however with mobile gaming gaining severe popularity each day it’s not surprising that the studio decided to come out with a Final Fantasy mobile game.
According to the game’s website, Final Fantasy VII is now available to download from the App Store, however for those who are expecting good quality graphics and game engine might see disappointment. Since the iOS version of the game is said to be based on PC codes of Final Fantasy VII, it’s obvious that the game will run low quality graphics even if a user’s smartphone has high GPU specifications.

 The iOS edition of the game does however include several new changes such as; allowing a user to turn off enemy battles barring boss along with event battles. Players will also be able to max out their warriors stats by making use of the max command option, this might seem like a cheat code but it’s bound to help all those impatient gamers.
Moving on to the storage, the game’s description mentions that players will have to keep at least 4GB free on their devices to download it. A brief detail mentions that Final Fantasy VII mobile game occupies almost 1.63GB of storage after the installation takes place.
The iOS edition will also be playable on the iPod Touch however, the game’s description suggests that it’s “not suited to playing this game” even though it’s labeled as a supportable device.
Final Fantasy VII on iOS might also turn out to be the trend setter for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise, which means that the studio might also release a mobile version for Final Fantasy VIII and XI. No announcements for the mobile game to appear for Android devices have yet been made, but if this move turns out to be a successful one it’s quiet obvious that the developers will be looking to roll the game out to Google’ Play Store in the future.

For now, no further details about Final Fantasy VII on iOS have yet been briefed out however as the mobile game steadily attracts more players, several gameplay videos might be made available throughout the internet in no time.
Square Enix also seems to be following the footsteps of its popular rival game developer studio known as Bethesda, the studio behind the currently trending mobile game known as “Fallout Shelter”. Bethesda, just like Square Enix rolled out a mobile version of its console and PC gaming series called Fallout, and the game first appeared for iOS devices back in June 14th 2015.
Fallout Shelter currently ranks at the 3rd spot for most downloaded game and as yesterday’s inforgraphic reveals, the iOS version has bagged in more over than 1 billion of total sessions played in just 2 months of its launch. Fallout Shelter is also available for Android devices now as Bethesda announced its Android debut just earlier this week on August 13th 2015. No stats about how the Android version is doing have yet been announced; however we’re expecting some high usage number by the end of this month.
In other news, Square Enix at this year’s Gamescom 2015 teased a demo trailer of the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 title exclusively for next gen consoles, moreover a remake of PS2 classic hit Final Fantasy 12 has also been rumored but to what extend is that true? We’ll find out at Square Enix’s conference at Paris Games Week scheduled for October 28 till November 1 2015.
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