Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sony PlayStation 4 Leaves Microsoft Xbox One Biting The Dust

Sony has announced that PS4 sales have once again topped the charts for the month of July leaving Microsoft’s Xbox One far behind for three straight months

PlayStation 4
We all are familiar with the rivalry between Sony and Microsoft when it comes to console wars, however the Japanese manufacturer have once again achieved victory as the PlayStation 4 claims the label of best-selling console in US for the month of July 2015. This is reportedly the third month PS4 sales have been recorded higher than the Xbox One, furthermore, Sony despite facing a downfall
in terms of sales on other products, the PS4 is the only device manufactured that is bringing in profits for the company.

News about PS4’s victory over the Xbox One comes directly from Sony as it reveals NPD Group’s monthly report about game hardware sales; the company had also announced that PS4 led in software sales in US as well for the month of July. The Japanese manufacturer came out to thank all those fans who made it possible for PS4 to top the charts once again, moreover the company also pointed out that Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 bundle is still continuing to succeed in sales and to celebrate this victory Sony will be launching the Destiny: Taken King PS4 bundle on September 15th 2015.

Moving ahead, the NPD report also pointed out other analytics about console sales, notifying that consoles sold over only two percent better in July 2015 then what the sales were in July 2014. According to NPD, this indicates that there’s been a 56% drop in last-gen consoles; however the next gen consoles are still doing very well.

PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Marketing, Mike Nichols has also given his say regarding the Xbox One sales which are currently below PS4’s, according to him the company is currently working on several video-game projects which were teased at Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany and will help them over take PS4 sales in Q4.

While Sony is pleased with current PS4 standings, Microsoft is aiming to provide a gaming experience that is not offered on any other consoles. Furthermore several gaming titles have also been announced for claiming top spots on the gaming charts for July, reportedly Lego: Jurassic World which was launched last month in June, is one of them along with Batman: Arkham Knight leading the charts.
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