Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Futuristic: Smart Mirror Detects The Frst Signs Of Disease

New smart mirror working not just as technically new gadget. With it each time you visit the bath, you can check your health. In its basis – a scanners, the cameras and sensors that determine the state of the user. They measure the pulse, weight and facial features, for 1 minute to give praise and advice.

Smart Wize Mirror is still under development. It uses 3D-scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to measure various parameters of human health. In particular, the mirror can determine the amount of fat, especially facial expressions, suspicious redness or paleness of skin, to recognize the early signs of anxiety disorders.

Using a system of recognition device may notice signs of stress, and the gas sensor can take samples of breath. Thus, he will even be able to calculate how much the owner drank or smoked. Built-in 3D-scanners measure the shape of the face, to determine the change in weight and multispectral cameras are used to measure pulse rate and hemoglobin levels in the blood. After analysis, the mirror shows the result and give personal advice.

The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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