Saturday, August 15, 2015

Samsung Tablet Unrolls Like a Fruit Roll-Up

Designer Sungmin Lee eyes scroll-like technology to create the most portable conceptual tablet on the market

We’re used to Samsung Electronics creating new and unique products for their consumers, but this technology, as conceptualized by Sungmin Lee, is unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it makes you wonder if it’s even possible. At CES, Samsung announced that they’re working on a tablet that will use bendable technology, which certainly lends weight to Lee’s roll-up concoction.

Is It Possible?

Lee’s Samsung Flexible Roll idea seems almost unattainable. The design is reminiscent of an ancient scroll. When rolled up, the tablet looks like a plastic tube with a slit on one side for the screen to come out. With a push of a button, the touch screen is supposed to roll out and back in for ultimate portability.

We’ve seen a taste of Samsung’s exclusive bendable technology after they were granted a patent for it earlier this year. They’ve used it to create bendable and curved screens, which they displayed at CES. This new technology allows for flexible displays for tablets, PCs, and TVs, and it’s going to have a major impact on the design of smartphones and tablets across the industry from here on out.

Samsung’s displays at CES are any indication, this type of technology certainly seems possible. They have already created a screen with a display that bends on the side, so the next logical step seems to be screens that can entirely wrap around each other.

Will It Be Used?

Portability is a coveted feature in electronics. It seems like it could be especially popular among students who can carry around this compact device instead of a larger tablet or laptop. It could also prove to be useful in a business setting, particularly for project managers who need a portable device for demonstrations and presentations.

The one concern that seems to be brought up most often about this device is its durability. When it’s rolled up, it’s well protected, but when the screen is out, it looks nothing short of fragile. The screen doesn’t have a frame, which means that one drop while unrolled could be the end of your device.

Time will tell if the device is nearly as fragile as it looks, but those looking into this type of technology should also look into electronics insurance, since most warranties won’t cover accidental damage.

The release of this device is likely pretty far off, so they will have plenty of time to work out hypothetical bugs and kinks.

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