Friday, August 28, 2015

Microsoft Corporation Reveals Stats About Its Newly Launched Windows 10

Microsoft Corporation recently provided some interesting facts and statistics about its latest flagship product. Windows 10, through a post on its official social media network.. The company announced that Windows 10 would be the last OS version to be released by the company, however, there would be regular updates and add-on rolling out for users.

Among the statistics uploaded, the company highlighted that the Windows Store app has had six times more installations from Window 10 users, as oppose to its predecessor. Interestingly, the tweets also mentioned that Windows 10 official voice assistant on has shared more than half a million jokes to users when instructed by users to “send me a joke” as a voice instruction.

Microsoft Corporation’s Vice President of Marketing for Windows and Devices, Mr. Yusuf Mehdi had the tweets sent out on the company’s social media platforms as part of an engagement and awareness strategy. Mr. Mehdi also included in the statistics that Windows 10 OS has an upgraded version of solitaire alongside a beta version of Minecraft for users to stay entertained with, if the OS is not entertaining enough already. The Minecraft Beta version comprises of 10 million achievements for users to unlock.

 As a final note, he also revealed that Microsoft Corporation’s “Upgrade Your World” program has had significant hype recently. The program was set up by the company to fund non-profit organization that work towards social causes and mainly social welfare. Mr. Mehdi stated that the company had provided the list of organizations in the “Upgrade Your World” program with free products and services, aiding them in achieving their respective goals.

Hollywood celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Dwayne Johnson were also highlighted in the company tweets as a means to show appreciation for their efforts. Official statement from the company is still awaited about the program and what all the Microsoft is planning to do for the listed no-profit organizations.
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