Monday, August 31, 2015

Konami Considers MGS V: Phantom Pain As Game Of The Year

 MGS V: Phantom Pain will be available for purchase from retail outlets starting September 1, 2015

Konami’s Marketing Executive, Jon Edwards, in a recent interview has claimed that Metal Gear Solid V will be a guaranteed game of the year after its launch. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain is the latest addition to the series and is also stated to be the last MGS game under Hideo Kojima.

Edwards also stated that the reason why he considers MGS V: Phantom Pain to be the best one out of the series is due to the in-game open world mechanism. According to Edwards, Konami’s attempt to make MGS an open world stealth and strategic game started off with Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater on Sony PS2 and Microsoft Xbox. Later on the same open-world mechanism was included in Metal Gear Solid 4, however, MGS V’s open world will be even larger than what players experienced in the previous titles.

Furthermore, Edwards also pointed out that players in MGS V will have absolute freedom to interact with any item in the environment. He also added that players will have the option to choose between just roaming around and discovering new areas in MGS V, whilst also completing and focusing on the mission.

Konami’s marketing executive also complimented Hideo Kojima by stating that every MGS title that Kojima has created compels him to build a game that can match the scope and details that Kojima imagines. Edwards in his interview also pointed out that Konami is focusing on another MGS title already and is hiring people for the project. Moreover, he also pointed out that MGS is a “key title” of Konami, which means that once Hideo Kojima exits the company he will no longer be a part of any future MGS titles.

Last week, Hideo Kojima tweeted that he will be hand picking the material for MGS:V launch trailer, he added that the trailer will explain “evolution and harmony” of the MGS series and its character Snake. The trailer was also stated to include content related to Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero, the trailer was rolled out earlier this week and many had appreciated the efforts of Hideo Kojima by rating and reviewing it.

Hideo Kojima is expected to leave Konami once MGS V: Phantom Pain is released world-wide on September 1. MGS V: Phantom Pain will arrive for Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. The game has already been reviewed by several testers who ended up giving the game 10/10. Moving ahead, Konami had also teased a new trailer of MGS V: Phantom Pain earlier yesterday, whilst the gameplay videos of the title are still surrounding the Internet.
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