Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Innovative Gadget That Allows You To Draw With The Rays Of The Sun

Italian designers from Milan created a wood engraver, which allows you to write and draw the rays of sun on wood, leather, plywood and other materials. A simple tool through the lens focuses the ray of sunshine to the selected object, burning it on a predetermined pattern by the author.

Febo – a wooden brush, which can be used to engrave their drawings on different surfaces. Gadget name – from the Greek name Apolllona – Phoebus – who was a patron of the arts and the guardian of the sun.
«Febo – is a simple tool that allows you to draw with the sun – the developers say. – It focuses the beams on the chosen canvas to create a unique individual design. Febo has been designed with the aim of turning nature into beautiful, creative and permanent works of art. Because of its simplicity, you can personalize your favorite things in a matter of minutes! Febo – it’s fun for all ages, regardless of your skill. “

Every engraver comes with a pair of twist the lens, that adjusted on any size. They provide 100% UV protection, and visibility of the transmitted light is only 6-8%. However, before using Febo need to wear sunglasses. Then you apply the tool to a  drawing, remove the protective filter and lens begins to absorb the sun’s rays, focusing them on the canvas. The intensity of the engraving depends on the brightness of the sun.

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