Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Google OnHub To Make Every Home Smarter, Available For Preorder

 Here’s how you can pre-order your OnHub device and enjoy internet speeds of 1900mps

Google recently announced that it would be releasing a new network infrastructure product called OnHub WI-FI router. The search-giant has been working with a China-based company called TP-Link and stated that the device update is scheduled for public release on Tuesday for $200 for pre-order at Google, Amazon and Walmart online Stores.

The company has made the move to improve broadband internet infrastructure by providing households with a 13 antena circular device that gears up with a 1.4GHz dual-core processor. The router is expected to boost up internet speed of about 1900mps.

To connect to the device using a smartphone, users would be required to download an app by the name of "GOOGLE ON” which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app acts as a setup wizard to connect to the router along with the ability to administer and manage the devices connected to the device. The app will also be able to provide details about internet connectivity, speed and other relevant data.

According to the company, the router is subject to automatic updates which include security features. The OnHub device is compatible with Bluetooth, ZigBee radio frequencies that connect with smart devices. OnHub ZigBee feature is a high-level communication protocol that creates personal area networks (PAN). The radio frequency is specific to low-powered digital radios. However, for this device, Google designed a communication protocol called Weave which plays the role of a central hub for all smart home devices.
TP-Link spokesman commented on the matter saying that OnHub would also have an in-built speaker that would aid users in the setup process. However, this update on this aspect are still a rumor. Furthermore, comments from Google pertaining to where the product would be placed in the company’s new operating structure are still on hold.

Knowing this, we can make a safe assumption that tech-giants would be focusing towards home networking in the near future to cater towards improved internet service for average households. The assumption can be made on the basis of  Eero, a network provider that works on improving internet coverage and higher bandwidth by strategically planting more routers in the household.

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