Friday, August 7, 2015

Google Displays Price Comparisons In Its Product Listing Ads

Here’s what Google has been doing to compete against potential threats

The search giant Google has recently been trying out its price-tagging feature through a number of products that have been commonly searched. The feature shows a percentage off average based on the Product Listing Ads so users can see how much they can save on a product.

The tests were live on a number of common search results along with resuming the previous test of showing the product listings on the side of the search results. The test was first spotted by Channel Advisor which also picked up on the Google product listing on product specific search results. The listings showed up when searching about electronics, kitchen ware, and even searching RC buggies.
Upon inquiring Google, the search giant did not comment about the dynamics of data fetching in terms of prices and average online prices of such products.

However, the company spokesman did respond about its efforts to help people find good deals and useful information about prices. Thus when searching for products, high discounts and better deals show up before the search results.
Channel Advisor also noted that Google also provided the average price of the product when searched using the product model and code. The underlying question however remains whether Google picks the price of the product based on the Product Listing Ads or the Google Shopping feature. The important question here is if this is Google’s way of pulling traffic back from other websites by displaying the product and its relevant information.

This proves that Google’s been making its move towards price-comparison area, while Channel Advisor’s tests prove that the company has made a shift towards cost-per-click. The issue with this model is that it does not account for the relatively lower priced products. That being said, there is reason to believe that Google has made the following moves to compete against Amazon and potential competition with Searching on Amazon provides products directly with the respective prices, while on Google, users have links to sites where the product is placed.
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The Tech Zone

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