Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Firefox 40 Arrives With Microsoft Windows 10 Support And A Slew Of New Android Features

 Mozilla has launched Firefox 40 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. An array of features has been added to the browser, which include support for windows 10, obstructing unwanted software downloads and new navigation gestures for Android.

The desktop version of the browser is available on, and for existing users, the update will take place automatically. Android users can download the browser off Google Play store. Firefox 40 has a bigger and bolder design in store for Windows 10 users while also offering more viewing space for the web.
The Firefox update has also gone onto making third party add-ons safer; the browser will disable any third party add-ons that have not been certified. Starting today users will be issued warnings when they attempt to add unsigned third-party add-ons, however the add-ons will not be disabled automatically.

Mozilla explained in its blog post that the company is working with add-on developers to ensure they meet the standards established by the company. Moreover, the company explained in its blog post that the warnings have been designed to inform users of the potential harm uncertified third party add-ons can cause to a device.

For Android users, the updated Firefox 40 app brings bug fixes, performance enhancements along with a slew of features. The app will safeguard users against unwanted software downloads, also JPEG images will take up less space. Another update will allow users to long-press the forward or backward buttons to get access to the history list.
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The Tech Zone

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