Sunday, August 30, 2015

Concept Of The Wireless, Foldable Keyboard

In the portable keyboards for tablets is no shortage. However, most of these devices is hardly original. Therefore, LG engineers have come up the innovative solutions.

Wireless gadget called Rolly Keyboard. The main feature – a novelty easily folded. Just transformed into the compact slim bar. Thus, the invention does not occupy much space. Fits in any folder or handbag.
Accessories made of solid polycarbonate and ABS-plastic.

The keyboard has a QWERTY-layout and four rows of buttons with a pitch of 17 mm. According to the manufacturer, this figure is close to a desktop keyboard (18 mm). LG Rolly Keyboard automatically connected by Bluetooth 3.0 to the device,it should only deploy.

Simultaneous connection to two gadgets (tablets and smartphones, for example), provided support for the installation of devices with screens up to 10 inches. LG Rolly Keyboard is powered by a single battery size AAA. The device operates up to 3 months without recharging.

The keyboard will be available in several body colors, including black.

The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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