Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Concept Of Spherical Camera Virtual Reality Ozo

 Rumors that Nokia plans to release device virtual reality turned out to true. However, the company has not started to manufacture hats and other handheld devices,online videos or playing games. Nokia not kidding, when she said their interest sphere of virtual reality. Today, it introduced the camera OZO, which is considered the first camera of virtual reality for professional content creators.

New made in the form of a sphere, with eight chambers can shoot 360-degree video and record sound from eight directions. The Finnish company is confident that Ozo will be indispensable for the filming of 3D-films, creating a new generation of games and the like. The device allows how to shoot so and mount the video in real time. In this case frames does not have to stick together the special way to obtain 3D-content.

The device, due to its shape and the optical image sensor 8 and 8 microphones can record content in the format of 3D, as well as spatial audio. With regard to the premium features Ozo, they will include the monitoring of recording the panoramic video in real time, as well as support for quickly creating a low-resolution preview. All content from the panoramic viewing angle of 360 degrees can be send on YouTube, as well as to work with him and viewed on a smartphone, tablet, PC, and directly, the virtual reality headsets. Finnish developers have promised, that with Ozo work extremely simple. The release a device is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015. The target audience the Nokia Ozo will be studio creating VR-content.

The Tech Zone
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  1. Wow looking awesome does ozo camera really covers 360 degrees capturing???
    and If it does it's awesome which can be shareable on social media like youtube. Anyway the article was very informative thank you for posting.