Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Capcom Reveals TGS 2015 Game List

 Capcom, the Japanese game developers and publishers have posted game titles on it's website which it plans to showcase at the Tokyo Game Show 2015

Capcom has opened its website once again to announce a lineup of gaming titles it plans to reveal at the Tokyo Game Show 2015,,which will be held in Japan from September 17 to September 20.
Capcom will be making several of its developed game titles playable at the event, whilst also guiding users towards what’s next for these announced games. Currently, Capcom’s Japan website has showcased these titles that will be making an appearance at the TGS 2015:

1. Monster Hunt Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village for Nintendo’s DX (3DS)

2. Monster Hunter Sprites for iOS and Android smartphones

3. Monster Hunter X for Nintendo 3DS

4. Resident Evil 0 for Sony PS4, PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, 360 and PC

5. Street Fighter V for Sony PS4 and Microsoft PC

These games will get a Stage event as well as Live Streaming. One particular title that Capcom will not be making available to play at the TGS 2015 is Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS. No information has been revealed by the company about its decision withhold the game at the event. Whatever the case maybe, we assume that Monster Hunter Stories is still in its early development stage, so Capcom might just show a trailer or teaser for the game at TGS 2015.

Furthermore, Capcom is also expected to briefly announce its detailed plan for stage events and live streams. However, since the TGS 2015 is next month, the game Japanese game developers and publishers might announce more new titles which will be revealed at the event.
Surprisingly, the much awaited game known as Deep Down, an RPG exclusive for PS4 has once again missed the list. Deep Down was expected to be revealed at TGS 2014, however, developers later delayed the title till 2015. Capcom stated that the delay is due to developers focusing on making the game more appealing for players.

Deep Down was announced back in 2013 by Kazunori Sugiura and Yoshinori Ono, developers behind the successful Street Fighter series. Hopefully, the game will be announced later this year since it has missed the TGS 2015 list, or it’s just probably because Capcom has planned to unveil the title as a surprise at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.
At TGS 2014, Capcom announced some really exciting game titles such as Monster Hunter 4 ultimate, The Great Ace Attorney and Gaist Cusher God all for handheld platforms. For console platforms, Capcom unveiled Resident Evil Revelations 2 for the Sony PS4, PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC.
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