Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Attention: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SPen Slot design Flaw

As news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 spreads among tech enthusiasts, a number of users have reported a possible defect in the device that may lead to permanent damage. The device rolls out with a SPen attachment that works as a stylus and has added functionality.

Android Community website noted that users that place the SPen back into its slot incorrectly may cause significant damage to the device. Unlike the phablet’s predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, where users felt resistance in placing the stylus in incorrectly, the successor does not show any resistance. The spring mechanism lets the SPen in and when the user pulls it back out the device would malfunction.

That being said, most users don’t even realize when they place the pen in the incorrectly as they tend to not pay attention to the device during their normal routine. In the normal case, the SPen would fit inside the SPen slot with a click sound. However, in the case of inserting it incorrectly, the user would not hear or feel the clicking and end up pulling the device in panic.

The damage done by this would result in breaking the locking mechanism and the sensors inside the slot. Ultimately, the device would malfunction and the sensor detecting whether the SPen is attached or not would be broken.

The alleged design flaw by Samsung is an unlikely problem, however, statement from the company is still pending. Meanwhile, most online sources do not have a fix for the issue and thus can only raise awareness about it. A number of videos have also been floating on the internet about how easy it is to insert the SPen incorrectly, leading to permanent damage or even getting the SPen stuck in the slot
The Tech Zone
The Tech Zone

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