Monday, August 31, 2015

Apple TV Remote Rumored To Be Equipped With Motion Sensing Capability

Expected to be unveiled on September 9, the Apple TV will be equipped with various new features

Apple is expected to unveil its next Apple TV set-top box at the September 9 keynote, along with a highly anticipated lineup of the company’s other products. As the date draws near, more rumors regarding the new Apple TV box are slipping out. The most recent rumor suggests that the Apple TV remote will be equipped with motion sensing technology.

The rumor was aided by the information that the tech giant has acquired PrimeSense, which was behind the development of Microsoft’s first-gen Kinect. As reported by TechCrunch, the remote will be equipped with motion sensors capable of tracking motion in multiple directions. Therefore, it will be able to detect motion as well as the Wii Remote. While the Wii Remote relies on infrared sensors, it isn’t yet confirmed whether the Apple TV remote will require similar support.

According to previous claims, we know that the remote will likely be equipped with a touch pad and Siri microphone. Therefore, the remote will be slightly thicker and bigger with the physical buttons on the bottom half. However, one aspects which has just surfaced seems to be the motion sensitive remote.

The motion sensing feature means that the apple TV remote qualifies as a new player in the casual gaming arena. In time, Apple is suppose to open up the app store for Apple TV and games are likely to follow. Apple TV will allow the user to play games on their TVs at a considerably lower cost than buying a PlayStation or an Xbox.

Apple TV will serve as a new platform on its own, enabling developers to create a range of new software, which will be focused on the living room. Thus, the new system will be accompanied by an App Store and a development kit for the developers. The remote will require more power which brings us to the fact that the device will be equipped with Apple’s A8 processor,making it faster with expanded storage.

All the new features and changes have been incorporated into the device to make it easier to use and navigate through vast libraries. So far, it seems that the Apple TV will not be rolling out a subscription service along with the new device.
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