Sunday, August 9, 2015

Apple Inc. Will Announce New iPhone 6S On This Date

Apple’s will likely launch the new iPhone on September 9th which is also the usual window for the company to make new iPhone annoucnements

iPhone 6S
BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski has stated in a report that Apple has decided to launch the new and rumored iPhone 6s along with a new Apple TV in September this year.
This seems legit as the Cupertino tech giant usually announces new products in that month.To be more specific,
Apple will be announcing the new iPhone and Apple TV on September 9th, as looking at the past the company usually sets this date for it’s yet to release smartphone flagship.

Surprisingly, the report also suggests that the company is also planning to unveil the new iPads in September, but the company’s usual window of announcing the tablets is October. Nothing has been confirmed by Apple itself, which means that the new iPads wil be a “wildcard” entry for the event.
Over the period, several rumors surround the yet to be announced iPhone 6s, also claiming that it might be called the iPhone 7 , however the Cupertino tech giant also came out previously to confirm a few features that will be appearing in the latest flagship of iPhones. According to Apple’s previous statements, the iPhone 6s will come in with a pressure-sensitive Force Touch display, along with improved wireless connectivity.

For the Apple TV, the Cupertino tech giants will be unveiling a redesigned interface along with a new remote. Furthermore the Apply TV is also said to come in with support for the App Store, which points out that users might be allowed to play games offered in the App Store directly on their TV’s. Moreover Apple’s web TV service will not be announced at the event, as according to previous rumors, Apple’s web streaming TV service will be arriving sometime later next year.
After the WWDC 2015, several things also pointed towards Apple’s future devices will most probably launch with the upcoming iOS9, which means not only the new iPhone will be better in display and touch performance but will also have a faster user interface and several other new features.

The question however is that will the new iPhone be able to beat the sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?, as when the two Cupertino tech giant manufactured smartphones were released back in September 2014, they were able to sell more than 10 million units just in a matter of three days after the official launch.

The launch of a new iPhone 6S will also be a turn-over point for the Cupertino tech giant, as Samsung is close to unveiling the new Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in the upcoming weeks, and with Microsoft also releasing the Windows 10 for windows mobile, Apple will likely be eyeing towards claiming the top spot in the smartphone market by releasing a new device this year.
Hopefully Apple will come out in the upcoming weeks to make some official announcements regarding the September 9th iPhone launch event, or better it might even give a teaser of the iPhone 6s to the audience.
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