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5 Ways to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster.

Android Smartphones are found in everyone’s hand as an average person uses this Operating System. You must be having a mid-range or any Android kitkat Smartphones but what if it is not up to your expectations and it is not performing well.

Are you satisfied with the performance of your Android Smartphone? Is it hanging or not working smoothly as it was before?
No, then here we come to help you, here are the Best 5 Ways to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster.

#1 Update Your Smartphone Regularly

Updating your Android Smartphone Firmware will enhance its speed and battery life. The Update would help you in fixing lags, bugs and some other issues which are not in your knowledge.

Updating would always help you as it would enhance the processor of the phone. This processor is used to run all the applications, so updating would be a good option as it makes your Firmware to the latest version.

Steps to Update your Smartphone are:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, click on “About Device”.
  • Select “Software Update”.

Note : By clicking on Software Update, it would check for the Updates. If your phone is not having any Update, then it would not Update your Smartphone.

#2 Disable Background Live Wallpaper

Disabling Background Live Wallpaper would make your Android Phone perform well and run smoothly as it would eat less RAM, resulting in superior performance.

You have to choose if you want good performance or good appearance of your Android Smartphone, both would never go simultaneously if you are having a low-end smartphone.

To Change the Live Wallpapers to simple Background, you just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on “Display Settings”.
  • And then click on Wallpaper and change the wallpaper accordingly, disabling the Live Wallpaper.

This would make your phone run faster from before without any lag or freezing.

#3 Disable Animation Effects

Disabling Animation Effects would make your interface run faster without any lag. Animation would also affect the RAM of our smartphone. Thus by disabling Animation Effects, the processor of your smartphone is barely used every time you unlock the screen. If you want to disable the Animation, then follow these steps:

  • Go to your Android Device’s Settings.
  • Enable “Developer Options” from there.
  • And turn off all the Animation displayed there, as shown in the image above.

4# Uninstall Unused Apps

You must uninstall all of your unused apps, as it would be running in the background and eating up the system resources. Look into your phone and see all the apps which you use and which you don’t use.

From the app which you used just once last week to the apps which you rarely used, all deserves to be deleted from your smartphone. Only keep those apps that you use daily and which are required for running a smartphone.

5# Install Useful Apps from Google Play

Installing Useful Apps would help your Device in matching up with the requirements. These apps differ from phone to phone,

  • If you are having an old phone, then install a Task-killer that would automatically delete your tasks and background apps.
  • A good Antivirus for your smartphone which would scan all the viruses and malwares that can affect the Device.
  • A Cache Cleaner is also a must so as to clean all the cache from the memory.
  • Download Utility Apps to your Android Device, as it would enhance performance.
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