Sunday, June 28, 2015

How To activate Vodafone 3G

How To activate Vodafone 3G

To activate Vodafone 3G you only have to send a message from a 3G enabled handset with your Vodafone SIM card.

Follow these steps

Send ACT 3G to 111
You will receive 2 messages 

     1. Enjoy high speed Internet and downloads, Video Calls, Live Mobile TV, HD Gaming with Vodafone 3G. We have your request for 3G service and will revert shortly 
    2. 3G services on your phone will be activated in 24 Hrs. Your charges will remain the same as your current 2G plan. Video calling will be charged at  0.21p per minute.

The activation process will be completed within 24 hours. 

Make sure that your network is UMTS or Dual Mode
Settings>>Phone setttiongs>>Select Network Mode
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